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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Memorial fountain for the Queen Mother

Apparently the Royal Family are looking to build a fountain as a memorial to the Queen Mother, and have asked artists to send in their ideas for the fountain... I thought all you loyal readers would like to see my entry before I sent it of to the palace.

Perhaps a brief explanation is in order. My memorial shows the Queen Mother riding godiva style on a horse, showing both her love of the animals, and also allowing gratuitous 'pubes n' tits' pictures (original plans to make the horse shit money, showing her love of gambling, proved too difficult to construct). The horse is showing trampling a group of non-specific darkies, as I'm sure it's what she would have wanted. And finally, rather than water in the fountain, my memorial will have gin, which will liberally spray forth from the bottle she holds aloft, rather like Liberty's torch.

I await the palace's response.