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Monday, December 12, 2005

Boris Berezovsky - motivated by greed

Boris Berezovsky was the subject of the opening episode of a BBC 2 documentary last week, 'Russian Godfathers' Berezovsky is one of the oligarchs who rose to prominence under Yeltsin. WHat sets him apart from Roman Abramovich et al. is that Berezovsky gained huge political influence in Moscow. So much so that it was him who proposed Vladmir Putin to suceed Yeltsin, which of course he did without election.

Things changed for Berezovsky when Putin took advantage of the huge wave of public support he had and turned on his makers - Mikhail Khordorkovsky, CEO of Yukos oil firm was imprisoned, Berezovsky himself was exiled, and is wanted by interpol. He currently lives in Britain, who granted him political refuge, and Israel, where he his allowed back due to his being a Jew.

Berezovsky now has one mission - to bring down Putin. He operates mainly through his newspapers in Russia and the Ukraine. However, he also financed the Orange Revolution that took place in the Ukraine last year, in which the Kremlin backed Viktor Yanukovych was displaced by the populist Viktor Yuschenko. The protest in Kiev that stretched out for weeks were funded by Berezovsky, in an effort to undermine the Kremlin's influence.

Berezovsky claims his motivation is to do what's good for Russia, and to bring democracy to the country. This is utter rubbish. The man has become obsessed with power, and is trying to win it back. Berezovsky had no regard for democracy when he put Putin in power with no election, and if he still held influence in Russia, he would still not care a jot for the will of the poeple. It is only now that he is exiled that he sees that the word 'democracy' is his key to regaining power. It is a pitiful and cynical manipulation of language that he his employing to justify his actions, and unfortunately it acts to cheapen that which he involves himself in, such as, regretably, the Orange Revolution.